The Giusti's Company

Giusti is a farm with decades of experience in the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The Giusti Oil is a product of excellence, of Campania origin, certified "ICEA Organic Farming" and available in limited quantities, because it comes from a selected olive grove of only 150 "Corniola" olive specimens.Other 1500 examples of olive trees, of different varieties, supply our organic processing and production lines.The Giusti's olive grove extends over 6 hectares, carefully cultivated with the precious native Corniola-Olivastra variety and the excellent Leccino Frantoio and Pendolino varieties. very ancient plain of the Volturno, an area always dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees for the production of noble oil The Giusti company follows all the activities with great passion, seriousness and love for the territory, in full compliance with the rules of Agriculture organic with the concrete commitment of a constant achievement of excellence in the final product.

The Giusti Oil is obtained from olives harvested at the beginning of veraison, the initial phase of maturation, milled in the same day at a mill certified with the cold pressing system that allows to preserve the fragrance and beneficial substances such as polyphenols . The milling takes place in a separate and exclusive path for the Giusti organic olives. To combat the oxidation process of the oil, increase the shelf life, preserve the maximum content of the polyphenols and ensure a live and whole oil on the table, as if freshly pressed, the product is stored in stainless steel tanks with a chamber closure. air and stored in the dry and climatically controlled storage room (at a temperature of 12 ° / 20 ° c), where it is left to decant naturally and then packaged in small bottles designed for the best preservation of the product and the safe protection against sunrays.