Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Incontri Giusti

Organic extra virgin olive oil label Incontri Giusti

Incontri Giusti

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
"Incontri Giusti"

From the union of the fruits of the Tuscan cultivars: Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained, rich in polyphenols and low acidity. The trees that provide our qualities breathe only on land located at a height of 25 meters. Ideal condition to keep intact the natural excellence of the fruit, thanks to the extraordinary fertility of the land of this river valley. Our olive groves extend to Sant'Iorio, an area known for its constant winds that make it one of the healthiest in Campania. All the qualities present in the organic oil evo Incontri Giusti come exclusively from our plants. This set of characteristics make our oil one of the best and most sought after in the category.

Only by reservation and in limited quantities.

Variety: Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino
Color: emerald green with golden reflections
Producer: Giusti agricultural company
Provenance: S. Angelo in Formis / Capua
Altitude: 25 mt
Surface: 6 ha
Collection: hand made
Pressing: continuous two-phases cold
Production: around 2300 lt./year
Storage: stainless steel containers with hermetic floating roof closure in a climate controlled environment.
Certification: periodic checks and certification by ICEA Salerno.

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