Rare Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
"Giusti Corniola"

Rare Organic Olive Oil: Corniola


Rare Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
"Giusti Corniola"

A rare Extra virgin Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of ancient olive trees of the local cultivar "Corniola Olivastra". very rich in polyphenols. In the second half of the 20th century the cultivation of the Corniola Olivastra variety was abandoned and supplanted by the most productive Tuscan varieties. Since 2005, the company Giusti, carrying out a meticulous work of protection and recovery of the rare quality Corniola, has wanted to put home a few hundred specimens to allow such a fine and healthy oil to return to the center of the excellence of Campania. The name Corniola derives from the strong resemblance of the fruit with the apotropaic horn of the Mediterranean tradition, confirming even more the ancestral link of this olive with the deep and remote history of the Campania region.

Only by reservation and in limited quantities.

Variety: Corniola
Color: bright gold with emerald green reflections
Producer: Giusti agricultural company
Provenance: S. Angelo in Formis / Capua
Altitude: 25 mt
Surface: 6 ha
Collection: hand made
Pressing: continuous two-phases cold
Production: around 200 lt./year
Storage: stainless steel containers with hermetic floating roof closure in a climate controlled environment.
Certification: periodic checks and certification by ICEA Salerno.

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